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A rigorous conceptual analysis of the fundamentals of Jewish faith by a bright new star in the Jewish intellectual firmament.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks זצוק"ל

Lebens is one of the very best younger philosophers in the Jewish tradition working in analytic theology. The Principles of Judaism is rigorous, original, and bold in exploring a fresh articulation of the deep principles of Judaism

Professor William J. Abraham


There is something strikingly brand new here, I think, in the synthesis of traditional Jewish texts and thought with the content and methods of contemporary analytic philosophy. Future histories of philosophy may well mark this moment.... Spoiler alert: It’s crazy. But by the time Lebens is done, you might just be crazy yourself...We can only hope that the messiah will resurrect the dead half as well as Lebens’ book breathes new life and spirit into the field. Jewish philosophy, Jewish thinking, informed by (and also informing) the methods and content of contemporary analytic philosophy, has arrived into the twenty-first century.

Professor Andrew Pessin


The book is formidable and stunning in its range and sheer intelligence... the illumination that emerges from his work is more than worth the price of admission. And this aside from his truly noteworthy contribution in bringing the mystical side of Jewish thought into contact with medieval and even current analytical philosophy.

Professor Howard Wettstein

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