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I have published reviews of:

Yoram Hazony’s The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, in the Journal of Analytic Theology, volume 2 (2014).

Terence Cuneo’s Ritualized Faith: Essays on the Philosophy of Liturgy, in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2016)

​Eli Hirsch’s Radical Skepticism and the Shadow of Doubt: A Philosophical Dialoguein the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2018)

Shira Weiss' Joseph Albo on Free Choice: Exegetical Innovation in Medieval Jewish Philosophy, in Religious Studies,volume 56/1 (2020)

F. L. MacBride's On the Genealogy of Universals: The Metaphysical Origins of Analytic Philosophy, in Philosophical Quarterly (Forthcoming)

T. M. Rudavsky's Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages: Science, Rationalism, and Religion, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2018)

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